Whether in work, school, sports or daily life, the guided meditations in this Performance collection are designed to provide you with a number of tools for improving performance. This collection is unique because there’s no need to sit quietly in your home or office. These can be listened to just before a particular event or situation.



  • Feeling Burnt Out

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Having a Freakout

    Inspiration Breath 11 min
  • Fierce Focus

    Visualization Breath 30 min
  • Pre-Game Practice

    Breath Visualization 10 min
  • Visualize Success

    Visualization Breath 15 min
  • Mental Stability for Athletes

    Visualization Breath 20 min
  • Job Negotiation

    Breath Inspiration 9 min
  • Recharge Body and Mind

    Breath Inspiration 12 min


  • Pep Talk

    Inspiration 5 min
  • Compare and Despair

    Inspiration 8 min
  • Sensory Awareness for Sex

    Inspiration Visualization 15 min


  • Sports

    Breath Visualization 10 min
  • Pre-Interview

    Visualization Breath 11 min
  • Taking Exams

    Breath Inspiration 7 min
  • First Date

    Breath Visualization 9 min
  • Public Speaking

    Body Visualization 13 min