This collection of longer guided meditations was created for all our customers who said, “Give us longer meditations!” The meditations in this collection are all over twenty minutes, for when you have time on your side. They primarily use breath and body styles.


Michael Apollo

  • Introduction to Yoga Nidra

    Body Breath 22 min
  • Choiceless Awareness

    Breath 25 min
  • Body Scan Long

    Body 28 min

Chodo Campbell

  • Sitting Body Scan

    Body 34 min
  • Magic Carpet Long

    Breath Visualization 27 min
  • Warm Bath Long

    Visualization 32 min
  • Sitting with Pain

    Breath 20 min
  • Silence Practice

    Breath 32 min

Adreanna Limbach

  • Breathe to Relieve Anxiety

    Breath Inspiration 29 min

Koshin Paley Ellison

  • Counting Breath

    Breath 31 min
  • Just Sitting

    Breath 31 min

Lodro Rinzler

  • Offering Kindness

    Breath Heart 24 min

Jai Sugrim

  • Yogi Health Balance

    Inspiration Visualization 22 min