Take a deep breath and redirect your energy to feel more calm and grounded.


Cara Bradley

  • From Frazzled to Focus

    Instruction 8 min

Chrissy Carter

  • Ease Fear of the Unknown

    Breath Visualization 4 min
  • Faced with Bad News

    Body Visualization 16 min
  • Bombarded with News

    Breath Inspiration 9 min
  • Wash Away Tension

    Breath Visualization 19 min

Kate Johnson

  • Love and Equanimity

    Inspiration Visualization 13 min

Vijaya Nair

  • Light Meditation for Worry

    Body Heart 6 min

Melli O'Brien

  • Soothing Yoga Nidra

    Body Breath 22 min
  • Cultivating Inner Stillness

    Breath Inspiration 16 min