Episode 148

Encore - Alonzo King - Stillness Fuels Creativity, Intuition, and Joy

Brilliant choreographer Alonzo King shares how finding stillness is key to fueling our creativity and intuition, cultivating the relationship we have with ourselves, and tapping into our natural state of joy. He finds stillness and his own inner voice through yoga and meditation, and inspires his dancers to use heart and mind in addition to the body.

In this episode:

“When I was a kid, and I would watch adults, it seemed that the way their bodies moved or held was much more informative and truer than what was coming out of their mouth.”

“The challenge is to be sensitive and not become hard.”

“Our natural state of existence is joy, peace, love, bliss.”

“We have subconscious, the conscious ordinary waking state, and the superconscious, which is the realm of discovery and invention and creativity and that is inherent in every living being and that’s why everyone is some kind of an artist.”

“Movement is also behavior.” 

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  • Don’t correct a child who is expressing themselves creatively; they know how to intuitively tap into a wellspring of creativity and have the ability to reduce things to their pure essence.
  • Materialism does not bring you happiness, the acquisition of things will not make you happy, but returning to the luminous source of internal balance will.
  • Don’t chase after happiness or joy. Instead, relax enough and become still enough to be aware of what you really are.
  • Every single one of us has the capacity to be an artist.
  • If you think of yourself in a certain way, that’s what you will become.
  • Cultivate a positive inner voice that you can listen to and trust. Meditation and mindfulness will help with this!
  • Stillness is the key to creativity.
  • Ask the important question, “who am I?”. 
  • Yoga is a great gift for finding yourself despite the busyness of your life. The stillness is key for learning self-awareness.