Episode 160

Chris Winter - Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It

Chris Winter is a neurologist, sleep specialist and author of the book, "The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It." He explains why we’re a culture of poor sleepers and how we got that way, and includes five things we can do to improve our sleep right now. Spoiler alert: an attitude change might be the best tactic of all...

In this episode:

“We’re a 24 hour culture now. We are always awake.”

“Insomnia is more of an individual who is not sleeping in a way they want to or in a time they want to.”

“The sleep deprivation we are putting ourselves through is a much bigger problem than insomnia.”

“Fear is the essential part of most patients’ insomnia.”

“I think 20% of people out there could fix their sleep problem by adjusting sleep hygiene.”

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  • The reason you are an insomniac most likely has to do with fear.
  • Be wary of overusing electronics because of sleep deprivation risks.
  • Learn to let go and relax. Trust that you will eventually fall asleep.
  • Don’t force yourself to sleep. 
  • Meditate to help you sleep.
  • Practice mindfulness before bed by being present without judgement.
  • The anxiety of not sleeping is the reason that you aren’t sleeping.
  • Leave the pharmaceutical options out of the equation.

Chris’s 5 Tips for Sleeping Better
  1. See a sleep specialist if nothing has been working for you. You might have a legitimate sleep condition.
  2. Make a sleep schedule.
  3. Think beyond sleep and schedule out all aspects of your day.
  4. Stop taking sleeping pills and melatonin every night. 
  5. Don’t fear a sleep study/