Episode 180

Emily Fletcher - Stress Less, Accomplish More for Extraordinary Performance

Emily Fletcher is the founder of the Ziva Technique and author of "Stress Less, Accomplish More: Meditation for Extraordinary Performance" and a teacher on Meditation Studio App. Her technique combines mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting. This 2times per day practice is designed to help you reach your highest performance levels at work, at home, or on the field.

In this episode:

“If you’re going to invest 10-15 minutes of your day, of your most valuable resource, which is your time, you want to make sure you’re getting a return on that investment.”

“Mindfulness is the art of bringing your awareness into the present moment.”

“I don’t think that nature intended for us to be sick, tired, and stressed all the time; I think that stress is trying to leave the building.”

“That is the definition of stress: the space between where you are and where you should be.”

“Stress is making us slow, it’s making us sick.”

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  • Meditation is a very real tool for performance and productivity.
  • Manifesting is consciously creating a life that you love.
  • You have to stop the inflow for the outflow to happen.
  • Your breath and thoughts are autonomic but you can also control them. 
  • Ziva is about letting go and surrendering to the experience.
  • Manifesting is about imagining your dreams as if they’re happening now.
  • Emily recommends meditating twice a day for 15 minutes, with 2 minutes reserved afterwards for manifesting. She says you will start to believe that you deserve your desires with this consistent practice.
  • Studies have shown that stress is responsible for 90% of all doctor’s visits.