Episode 223

Dr. Manpreet Singh - The Prescription for Resilience: How to Overcome Life's Obstacles

Ever wonder why some people thrive in the face of adversity? It turns out that skill is teachable! In this week's episode of Untangle, Dr. Manpreet Singh teaches you 10 things you can do to build resilience in your life.

In this episode:

“As I grew up I became very enamoured with the idea that what we don’t know should be a source of hope and inspiration to us, not a source of discomfort and anxiety.”

“Don’t just make friends, keep friends; nurture them.”

“[Resilience] is broadly defined as the ability to adapt successfully to adversity, stressful life events, significant threat or trauma.”

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  • Keeping a positive attitude helps reframe difficult experiences into opportunities for growth. 
  • Develop your own moral compass. 
  • Find a resilient role-model. 
  • Facing small fears can give you the tools to take on your biggest fears. 
  • Having a positive social environment plays a critical role when trying to cultivate resilience.