Episode 232

BJ Fogg - 2020: How Tiny Habits Can Lead to Big Changes & Hacks to Make Your Resolutions Stick!

This week on the Untangle Podcast, learn how to create any habit you want! By celebrating even the smallest changes as victories, you can rewire your brain to tackle your year's challenges successfully. Guest BJ Fogg teaches us how to shine in 2020 and beyond. Learn more about BJ Fogg at www.bjfogg.com and read his book, "Tiny Habits". Save on Muse at www.choosemuse.com with the discount code UNTANGLE15.

In this episode:

“What wires habit is the feeling of success.” 
“You can recognise your own work, and that sense of agency is very empowering. And that ability to solve that yearning that we all have to be seen is incredibly powerful and meaningful. It’s not just a celebration, it’s an act of existence.”  

“Rigidity isn’t the way that you change. You change through flexibility in adjusting, and learning, and adapting.”  

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  • Begin by forming the habits you want, and not the ones you think you should have. 
  • The smaller the change the better. Those tiny wins help create positive emotions around change that can help motivate you to keep it up.  
  • “Shine” is the emotion of personal success. 
  • Celebrate each tiny success for three minutes, then pause and reflect on how you feel. 
  • Rehearse your habit and then celebrate the rehearsal to reinforce the habit.  


BJ’s book Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything https://www.tinyhabits.com/book