Episode 277

Sebene Selassie - Bring Mindfulness into Every Part of Our Lives

Sebene is a renowned meditation teacher, speaker, and author of the new book, You Belong, A Call for Connection. She talks about how meditation has transformed her world and how we can bring these teachings into every part of our lives. She believes that we are all inherently interconnected and shares how meditation has been a catalyst to expand awareness, reduce suffering, stay in the present moment, and to generally see the world more clearly.

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Meditation has been a catalyst to open her awareness and to examine different aspects of her life. 
She has learned to be with herself in a more conscious, loving way. 
We train in mindfulness during meditation so we can bring mindfulness into other parts of our lives. 
Insight meditations inspire us to find the wisdom in these practices and to see that we're not separate selves. Insight shows us how we cling to things and create our own suffering when we push away the pain or difficult experiences. 
All of these teachings help us to see the many causes and conditions that lead to any particular moment. 
There is a multitude of influences and experiences in our own lives, in our family lives, in our cultural history, and even intergenerational history. 
The practice of meditation teaches us to be in this present moment, right here...with things exactly as they are. It doesn't mean we don't have compassion for the pain that's being experienced now -- but being in the present moment gives us a way to see things more clearly.
It's helpful to understand the history and to have inspiration from movements and from people who have affected positive change in the past. They give us roadmaps to how change happens. 


Resources: sebenesalassie.com
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