Episode 302

Tal Ben Shahar - How to Improve Your Mood, No Matter What Life Throws Your Way

Got the Covid Blues? Want to feel some moments of joy? Or are you feeling good and looking to feel even better? Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, a “professor of happiness” gives us practical tools and insights into improving our mood, no matter what we are currently feeling, and permission to be wherever we are right now.

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  • We need to build our psychological immune system too- the tools that keep your psychological space healthy
  • Anti-fragility means not just being resilient, but bouncing back stronger from a difficult incident. Research shows us that just by hearing the concept of anti-fragility we become stronger in the face of challenges
  • Happiness in this time means changing your expectation
  • Counter-intuitively, feeling your feelings, even if they are unhappy and difficult feelings, paves the way for relief and happiness.
  • Dr. Ben Shahar shows us how to have a deep connection even over zoom, and how to be generous to others on social media.
  • He explains why exercise is so good for us at this time.
  • Dr. Been Shahar teaches us how to use distraction as a powerful tool for changing our mood.
  • And shows us that even “happiness professionals” get the blues, how they accept them, and what they do about them.


You can find more videos and resources to improve your mood and anti-fragility at talbenshahar.com.
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