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10 Best Apps of the Year 2016

50 Best Apps of the Year 2016

One of the Best Health Apps of 2017

“Meditation Studio is a powerful solution to your problems.”
- Forbes

“Ongoing access to the all-you-can eat mindfulness buffet.”
- Well and Good

“If you're looking to get your Zen on, Meditation Studio is a simple, beautiful way to get guidance.”
- Refinery 29

What People Are Saying

“I cannot even begin to say what a difference this app made for me. I work in an extremely high-stress environment and the meditations really improved my performance at work as well as saved my mental health :-) Excellent app.”

“I’ve never been big into meditation, but this app has some amazing guides that really help. I’ve slept better and been less anxious since I’ve been using the app. Highly recommend. I just might survive teaching this year!”

“Phenomenal collections so you can find something right for that exact moment. Love this content more than any other meditation app.”

“‘I can’t find time to meditate’ is no longer a valid excuse. At work, commuting or whenever you can, there is a guided meditation for you. I love this app.”