We live our lives just like you do. We stress about deadlines. We get overwhelmed and anxious. We worry about the state of the world. We stay up too late. We drink too much coffee.

We meditate because we’re only human.

And that’s why we started Meditation Studio and joined forces with brain sensing headband MUSE—because life is messy, we’re human and meditation helps. A lot. It’s far too easy to get tangled up in everyday challenges—whether that’s forgetting your password, arguing with a partner, not feeling heard by a colleague or just struggling with a cranky mood (for no apparent reason). And, of course meditating helps with the bigger challenges we all face, when we least expect them.

Meditation won’t erase life’s challenges, but it makes dealing with them easier. And luckily, modern science agrees with us.

Meditation Studio is powered by over 80 leading meditation experts, each of whom has created original, exclusive and engaging guided meditations for you to experience right on your device. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our teachers are the best in the business. We hand-select them based not only on their meditation expertise, but also their personal passion for specific themes—ranging from stress-relief to high performance to boosted creativity. And, you’ll want to check out our beautiful music collections with our unguided meditation timer and feature or add them to your favorite guided meditations. Adding music is like adding pure joy to your meditations!

Whether you’re grappling with anxiety, confidence or insomnia, trying to be more focused at work, or just planning a big presentation and hoping to calm your nerves, we’re here for you.