Meet Mari Andrew, Our Illustrator!

Cyd, Meditation Studio co-founder, fell in love with the illustrations on Mari’s wildly successful Instagram Page. She’s not the only one! With over 600k Instagram followers, and a book coming out this year, Mari is a force of true inspiration. She is uniquely gifted in her ability to put the real and vulnerable feelings we all have into simple words and graphics that we can all relate to. She’s a writer, but became an illustrator when she was going through a tough time 2 years ago and needed a new, fun form of self-expression. She says that she tried guitar, salsa, surfing…and more…but drawing was the hobby that really stuck. And we’re so happy it did!

We love Mari! She has added so much sparkle to our world with her fun doodles on our social media sites and on our website.

We’re true believers in keeping things simple… and Mari helps us to create words and images that are simple, compelling and so engaging.