This Relationship Collection of guided meditations was designed to help you find peace in all relationships. You’ll learn how to cultivate awareness, find forgiveness and have the ability to let go of some of the small stuff. These meditation styles are primarily breath, heart and inspiration.



  • Intimacy with Touch

    Body Visualization 19 min


  • Listening to Understand

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Gratitude When You Don't Feel It

    Breath Inspiration 15 min
  • Finding Calm in Conflict

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Reflecting on Acceptance

    Inspiration Breath 6 min
  • Kindness Toward Your Partner

    Breath 7 min
  • Learn to Empathize

    Inspiration Breath 12 min
  • Communicating Your Truth

    Inspiration Breath 5 min
  • Cultivating New Qualities

    Breath Inspiration 17 min
  • Connect to Your Loved One

    Visualization Breath 8 min


  • Relationship Lessons

    Inspiration Heart 6 min
  • Forgiving and Letting Go

    Inspiration Heart 6 min


  • Being Open to Possibility

    Inspiration Breath 5 min
  • Working with Anger

    Inspiration Visualization 13 min
  • New

    Gratitude in This Moment

    Inspiration 12 min
  • New

    Journey of a Lifetime

    Visualization Inspiration 11 min
  • New

    The Big Picture

    Inspiration 14 min


  • Setting Boundaries

    Inspiration Instruction 11 min


  • When You're in Conflict

    Visualization Breath 10 min
  • New

    Visualize Your Wedding Day

    Visualization Inspiration 20 min