This collection of guided meditations was created to help pregnant women and mothers find moments of peace and calm within their busy schedules and changing lives. These meditations primarily use breath, body and inspiration styles.


Chrissy Carter

  • New

    Spirit of Mother's Day

    Inspiration 6 min
  • New

    New Mom Anxiety

    Breath Inspiration 11 min
  • New

    Expectant Moms

    Body Inspiration 9 min

Stefanie Goldstein

  • Compassion and Love

    Breath Visualization 10 min
  • Kindness Toward Yourself

    Breath Visualization 6 min

Cassandra Vieten

  • Calm Breathing

    Body Breath 9 min
  • Awareness of Your Body

    Body 11 min
  • On Thinking

    Breath 10 min
  • Dealing with Challenging Situations

    Inspiration 6 min
  • Taking a Time In

    Breath Inspiration 3 min
  • Forgiving Yourself

    Breath 7 min
  • Feeling Overwhelmed

    Inspiration 3 min
  • Coping with a Crying Baby

    Inspiration 4 min