The guided meditations in our Quarterlife Collection are perfect for when you’re facing the changes—and challenges—as you enter this new stage in life. From listening to your intuition to loving yourself unconditionally, these meditations help set the stage for having the life you want.



  • Goal Setting Practice

    Body Inspiration 15 min
  • Hangover Inspiration

    Inspiration 10 min
  • Let Go of the Past

    Inspiration 13 min
  • Finding Beauty Everywhere

    Inspiration Heart 3 min
  • One Minute

    Inspiration 2 min
  • Falling in Love with Yourself

    Breath Inspiration 5 min
  • The Power of Pause

    Inspiration 5 min
  • Lighten Up

    Inspiration Breath 4 min
  • Leaving Your Comfort Zone

    Inspiration 6 min
  • Feeling Alive

    Breath Inspiration 4 min
  • The Art of Listening

    Inspiration Heart 5 min
  • Consider Bliss

    Inspiration 8 min
  • Love for Self and Others

    Breath Inspiration 21 min
  • Letting Life Unfold

    Inspiration Breath 18 min


  • Being You

    Inspiration Instruction 22 min