The guided meditations in the Teens Collection help you find a sense of calm when you’re feeling stressed and anxious. Most of the meditations are ten minutes or less, and will help you reduce anxiety, manage strong emotions, and find more self-compassion.


Stefanie Goldstein

  • Quick Calm

    Body Breath 3 min
  • Body Relaxation

    Body 12 min
  • Stopping to Breathe

    Breath 6 min
  • Inner Kindness

    Breath Heart 8 min

Kate Johnson

  • Loving Kindness for All

    Inspiration Visualization 25 min

Chris Willard

  • Breathing Through the Senses

    Breath 6 min
  • Nature

    Breath Visualization 7 min
  • Present Moment

    Breath 7 min
  • Wandering Mind

    Breath Instruction 9 min
  • Homework Focus

    Breath Visualization 6 min
  • Complete Relaxation

    Body Breath 13 min
  • Dealing with Disappointments

    Inspiration 5 min
  • Think Positive

    Inspiration 7 min
  • Walking

    Body 8 min