The guided meditations in the Pain Collection are designed to help you ease pain by relaxing your body and lessening your mind’s focus on the sensations, so that you are able to ease physical tension associated with discomfort, unwind your mind’s focus on the pain, and explore ways to let go of your attention to the pain. The meditations in the Pain collection are a combination of breath, body and visualization styles.



  • Body Awareness for Pain

    Breath Body 5 min
  • Being with Pain

    Body Heart 6 min
  • Observing Pain

    Body 5 min


  • Wish Yourself Well

    Body Breath 5 min
  • Finding Comfort

    Breath 6 min
  • Breaking Through

    Breath Body 34 min
  • Relieving Pain

    Breath Visualization 7 min
  • Refocusing Attention

    Breath Inspiration 7 min
  • Healing Light

    Breath Visualization 11 min
  • Breathe Into Pain

    Breath Inspiration 19 min


  • Compassion for Suffering

    Inspiration Heart 6 min


  • Freedom from Addiction

    Inspiration Breath 10 min


  • Pain as a Visitor

    Visualization 14 min
  • Warm Bath Visualization

    Visualization Instruction 10 min