This Collection of guided meditations was created to support the unique needs of entrepreneurs as they face the everyday challenges of creating and scaling their businesses.


Chrissy Carter

  • What's Your Superpower?

    Inspiration 12 min

Christina Dufour

  • Basic Mindfulness

    Breath 12 min
  • Failure as Friend

    Inspiration Visualization 13 min
  • Constant Change

    Inspiration Visualization 19 min
  • Feeling Isolated

    Inspiration Visualization 16 min
  • Mindful Chill Pill

    Visualization 14 min
  • Tune in to Listening

    Visualization 14 min
  • Check in to Reflect

    Breath Inspiration 9 min
  • Grounding Practice

    Breath Inspiration 7 min
  • Recharge Your Batteries

    Body Breath 12 min

Dawn Mauricio

  • Moments of Quiet

    Breath Inspiration 10 min