The guided meditations in this Day to Night collection were created to help you as you move throughout your day. We’ve included everything from morning intentions and afternoon boosts to evening reflections and relaxation meditations.


Eve Decker

  • Morning Compass

    Inspiration 8 min

Franko Heke

  • Energizing Nap

    Body Inspiration 9 min
  • Begin the Day

    Body Inspiration 4 min
  • Start Your Day

    Breath Inspiration 7 min

Faith Hunter

  • Set Daily Focus

    Visualization 10 min

Rory Kinsella

  • Transition to Evening

    Breath Inspiration 9 min

Dawn Mauricio

  • Wind Down Day

    Inspiration Visualization 8 min
  • Intention Set AM

    Inspiration 9 min

Melli O'Brien

  • Evening Reflection

    Inspiration Visualization 12 min
  • Morning Intention

    Breath Inspiration 15 min
  • Connect to What Matters

    Breath Inspiration 4 min

Colleen Saidman Yee

  • Transition from Work

    Breath Inspiration 11 min

Jai Sugrim

  • Visualize Your Day

    Visualization 15 min

Taylor White Moffitt

  • Cultivating Morning Joy

    Inspiration 9 min
  • Rise and Shine

    Inspiration 6 min
  • Afternoon Reboot

    Inspiration 8 min
  • Tuck the Day Away

    Inspiration 9 min