These guided meditations will help you open your heart and find a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what’s in your life right now. Practice these meditations daily and you’ll notice wonderful changes in your mood and your general outlook. The meditations in this collection guide you to happiness using breath, body, inspiration and heart-based styles.


Chrissy Carter

  • Heart Centered Flame

    Heart Inspiration 5 min
  • Banish the Cranky

    Breath Inspiration 20 min
  • Life Transitions

    Breath Inspiration 13 min
  • Negative Self Talk

    Inspiration 13 min

Joshua Dorfman

  • Happiness Blessing

    Visualization 19 min

Elisha Goldstein

  • Morning Practice

    Body Inspiration 7 min
  • Break a Bad Mood

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Overcome Negative Thoughts

    Breath Inspiration 5 min
  • Tap Into Happiness

    Breath Inspiration 11 min
  • Gratitude and Reflection

    Body Breath 9 min
  • Heart Opening

    Body Heart 5 min

Franko Heke

  • A Peaceful Moment

    Breath Inspiration 10 min

Jesse Israel

  • Finding Positive Energy

    Breath Inspiration 6 min

Dina Kaplan

  • Manifest Your Dreams

    Inspiration Visualization 22 min

Patricia Karpas

  • Sitting with Anger

    Breath 9 min

Adreanna Limbach

  • Setting Intentions

    Breath Inspiration 19 min

Vijaya Nair

  • Love and Gratitude

    Breath Heart 7 min

Melli O'Brien

  • Untangle Negative Thoughts

    Breath Inspiration 15 min

Colleen Saidman Yee

  • Getting Out of Your Own Way

    Inspiration 9 min

Ashley Turner

  • Being Grateful

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Manifest Your Ideal Life

    Visualization 5 min
  • Being Content

    Breath Inspiration 15 min

Bart Van Melik

  • Difficult Emotions Technique

    Inspiration Instruction 20 min