The guided meditations in the Gratitude Collection were created to remind of what's most meaningful in our lives. From a puppy’s happy greeting to the love of family and friends, these meditations help strengthen our connection to what is good.


Chodo Campbell

  • Remembering Exercise

    Inspiration 6 min

Chrissy Carter

  • Gratitude for Kids

    Inspiration 6 min
  • Grateful Energy

    Breath Inspiration 8 min

Kimberley Chan

  • Simply Thank You

    Inspiration 15 min

Eve Decker

  • Gratitude to Invite Ease

    Inspiration 13 min

Patricia Karpas

  • Morning Gratitude

    Breath Inspiration 12 min

Adreanna Limbach

  • Overall Appreciation

    Body Breath 15 min

Bart Van Melik

  • Power of Gratitude

    Breath Inspiration 23 min

Taylor White Moffitt

  • Journaling Practice

    Inspiration 7 min
  • Positive Reflection

    Inspiration 12 min
  • Slow Grateful Pause

    Body Inspiration 15 min