The guided meditations in the Goodnight Kiddo Collection were designed to help your little ones—between the ages of four and eight—relax, fall asleep, and have the sweetest of dreams. These simple and soothing meditations will engage your kiddo's imagination, relax their mind, and help lull them into a peaceful slumber.



  • Butterfly Tickles

    Body Visualization 9 min


  • Love in Your Heart

    Inspiration 4 min
  • Reflection on the Day

    Inspiration 4 min
  • My Favorite Things

    Inspiration 5 min
  • Counting Stars

    Inspiration 6 min
  • Feeling Sleepy

    Breath Inspiration 8 min
  • Sleepy Superhero

    Inspiration Breath 5 min
  • Smiling Thoughts

    Inspiration 6 min


  • Fluffy Cloud

    Visualization 4 min
  • Snuggles

    Visualization 4 min
  • Snowy Walk

    Visualization 5 min
  • Grateful Garden

    Breath Visualization 5 min
  • Butterfly Kisses

    Visualization 6 min