The guided meditations in the Motivation Collection were designed to help you feel excited, inspired, and ready for action. Whether you're trying to make your dreams come true or just open up to new possibilities, these meditations will help you keep an open mind, create abundance, and reach your goals.


Chrissy Carter

  • Cultivating Change

    Inspiration 9 min

Kimberley Chan

  • Awake in Abundance

    Inspiration 8 min

Dina Kaplan

  • Manifest Your Dreams

    Inspiration Visualization 22 min

Palma Michel

  • Find Your Why

    Breath Inspiration 12 min
  • Set Your Goal

    Breath Inspiration 11 min
  • Boost Impulse Control

    Breath Inspiration 15 min
  • Renew Motivation

    Breath Inspiration 10 min
  • Imagine Your Day

    Inspiration Visualization 10 min
  • Open Up to Possibility

    Breath Inspiration 11 min
  • Be Bold

    Breath Inspiration 10 min
  • Cultivate Positive Emotions

    Breath Inspiration 13 min
  • Connect with Abundance

    Breath Inspiration 15 min
  • New

    Visualize Your Goal

    Body Visualization 11 min

Jai Sugrim

  • Framing Possibilities

    Breath Inspiration 13 min

Bart Van Melik

  • Awareness of Intention

    Body Inspiration 19 min
  • Pause to Tune In

    Breath Inspiration 14 min

Taylor White Moffitt

  • Begin Again

    Inspiration 5 min
  • Change and Possibility

    Inspiration 9 min