This collection of guided meditations was created to help you build self-esteem and confidence. When practiced daily, the meditations are intended to reduce negative thinking and to inspire you to feel more positive about yourself. This collection of meditations includes breath, visualization and inspiration styles.



  • Being Fearless

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Inner Power

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Change Your Lens

    Breath Visualization 7 min
  • Releasing Self Doubt

    Breath Inspiration 6 min
  • Standing Power

    Breath Inspiration 12 min


  • New

    May I Accept Myself as I Am

    Inspiration Visualization 14 min
  • Cultivating Positive Energy

    Inspiration 5 min
  • Sitting with Your Power

    Breath Inspiration 11 min
  • Connecting to Your Stillness

    Body Inspiration 15 min
  • Head Heart Gut

    Inspiration Breath 6 min
  • New

    What's Weighing You Down?

    Body Inspiration 22 min


  • Mountain Strength

    Visualization Breath 9 min
  • Honor Your Strengths

    Visualization Breath 10 min
  • Redwood Tree

    Visualization 8 min