The guided meditations in this Veterans collection will help to improve focus, relieve stress, encourage better sleep and generally bring more peace of mind. The mind can be a great source of distress when it’s out of control. When we can relax, pause or slow the mind down, it becomes a source of consolation and peace. These are breath, body and heart meditations.


Suzanne Manafort

  • A Primer for Veterans

    Breath Instruction 3 min
  • Mindfulness for Trauma

    Body Inspiration 12 min
  • Simple Breath Practice

    Breath Instruction 6 min
  • Relax and Energize

    Body Breath 11 min
  • Heart Awareness for Healing

    Breath Heart 10 min
  • Resting Body Scan

    Body Instruction 11 min
  • Alternate Breathing

    Breath 6 min

Sarah Plummer Taylor

  • Extended Exhale

    Breath 5 min
  • Extended Inhale

    Breath 7 min
  • Balancing Breath

    Breath 7 min
  • Resilience Visualization

    Body Breath 9 min
  • Release Visualization

    Visualization 6 min
  • Progressive Muscular Relaxation

    Body Breath 11 min

Emma Seppälä

  • Better Sleep

    Body Breath 9 min
  • Finding Calm

    Body Breath 9 min
  • Prepare for the Day

    Breath Inspiration 10 min
  • Quick Chill

    Body Breath 6 min

Pamela Stokes Eggleston

  • Deep Empathy

    Breath Inspiration 10 min
  • Acceptance

    Breath Inspiration 15 min
  • Self-Care

    Breath Instruction 15 min
  • Emotional Support

    Breath Inspiration 9 min
  • Imagination

    Breath Visualization 9 min