The guided meditations in the Sleep collection are designed to help you gently prepare for sleep so that you get the rest your mind and body need, and you enjoy a more peaceful night sleep. The meditations use breath, body and visualizations to quiet the mind in preparation for a deep and tranquil sleep.


Chodo Campbell

  • Magic Carpet

    Instruction Visualization 8 min

Chrissy Carter

  • Float to Sleep

    Body Breath 4 min

Alejandro Chaoul

  • Relax Into Silence

    Body Breath 8 min

Joshua Dorfman

  • Leave It for Tomorrow

    Visualization 22 min

Elisha Goldstein

  • Body Rest

    Body Breath 7 min

Shelby Harris

  • An Intro to Sleep

    Instruction 1 min
  • Quiet Place Inside

    Breath Visualization 6 min
  • Beach Relaxation

    Breath Visualization 6 min
  • Deep Muscle Relaxation

    Body Visualization 14 min
  • Let Go of Muscle Tension

    Breath Visualization 8 min
  • Deep Breathing to Sleep

    Body Breath 4 min

Franko Heke

  • Gratitude for Your Body

    Body Breath 10 min
  • Drift to Sleep

    Breath Visualization 9 min

Faith Hunter

  • Finding Stillness

    Body Breath 4 min
  • Evening Relaxation

    Breath Visualization 5 min
  • Release Tension for Sleep

    Body Breath 11 min

Shawn Moore

  • Transition to Restful Sleep

    Body Breath 15 min

Vijaya Nair

  • Peaceful Night's Sleep

    Heart Visualization 4 min

Melli O'Brien

  • Soothing Yoga Nidra

    Body Breath 22 min

Colleen Saidman Yee

  • Unwind and Let Go

    Body Breath 10 min

Pamela Stokes Eggleston

  • Calming Sensations

    Breath 26 min
  • Still the Mind

    Breath 33 min

Ashley Turner

  • Relax Before Bed

    Body 5 min

Bart Van Melik

  • Invite Sleep In

    Body Inspiration 19 min

Lisa Wimberger

  • Effortless Sleep

    Body Breath 25 min

Rodney Yee

  • Sleep for Yogis

    Body 6 min