A fresh hand-selected group of meditations for you to enjoy plus new teachers to discover. Enjoy!


Chodo Campbell

  • Magic Carpet Long

    Breath Visualization 27 min

Chrissy Carter

  • Ease Fear of the Unknown

    Breath Visualization 4 min

Elisha Goldstein

  • Morning Practice

    Body Inspiration 7 min
  • Encouraging Joy

    Body Inspiration 5 min

Faith Hunter

  • Make Today Amazing

    Inspiration 9 min

Kate Johnson

  • Mindfulness Breath Practice

    Breath Inspiration 34 min

Patricia Karpas

  • Morning Gratitude

    Breath Inspiration 12 min

Adreanna Limbach

  • Breathe to Relieve Anxiety

    Breath Inspiration 29 min

Palma Michel

  • Relax and Unwind for Sleep

    Body Inspiration 19 min

Patricia O'Keeffe

  • Gently to Sleep

    Breath Body 22 min

Ashley Turner

  • Let Things Be

    Breath Inspiration 16 min