Interaxon Adds Meditation Studio’s Resources to its Service Offerings to Strengthen its Position in the Meditation Space
TORONTO – July 10, 2018 – Interaxon Inc. today announced the acquisition of Meditation Studio, a top-rated and award-winning app that offers guided meditations from over 40 leading experts. Adding Meditation Studio to Interaxon’s portfolio strengthens the company’s mission in supporting people to live happier, healthier and more connected lives.

“The acquisition of Meditation Studio is the most significant step that we have taken as a company to date,” said Derek Luke, CEO, Interaxon. “This acquisition allows us to not only expand on our direct-to-consumer offerings but also reinforces our contribution to brain health, and ensuring that the world knows how important meditation is from a wellness perspective.”

Over its 9-year history, Interaxon has established a leading position in developing engaging experiences with brain sensing technology to better the lives of wellness seekers. Its flagship product, Muse®: the brain sensing headband, launched in 2014 with this mandate. Since then, Interaxon has introduced new services such as Muse® Connect, a dashboard used by professionals to track results of their client’s meditation sessions, to expanding its language capabilities for the Muse® headband application to include French, German and Spanish.

Interaxon is at the forefront of offering enriching guided meditations to diverse audiences. With the acquisition of Meditation Studio, the company now offers a database of over 400 guided meditations and courses on starting a meditation practice, improving sleep, uncovering happiness and changing habits that are led by a community of experienced meditation experts. Having access to the rich content available through Meditation Studio strengthens Interaxon’s position in the meditation space, while providing continued education and support to its growing user base.

“Our goal was to get 10 million people who had never practiced mindfulness to meditate and untangle their busy minds. At Meditation Studio, we deeply believe in the transformative power of meditation and feel it is our mission to connect people to the practice in a modern and approachable way,” said Cyd Crouse, Co-Founder, Meditation Studio. “The opportunity to join forces with a company that shares this same vision is a big step forward towards achieving that personal goal.”

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