Paley Ellison, Koshin

Koshin is a Zen Buddhist teacher based in NYC. He introduces us to a range of Zen-inspired meditations with his kind and captivating style.



  • I Am Here

    Breath 6 min
  • Counting Breath

    Breath 31 min
  • Refuge to Embrace Life

    Breath Inspiration 12 min
  • Just Sitting

    Breath 31 min
  • Healing Love

    Breath Body 12 min


  • Gates of Ease and Joy

    Inspiration 11 min
  • Mustard Seed Story

    Inspiration 12 min
  • Sorrow and Grief

    Breath Inspiration 16 min


  • An Intro to Zen Meditation

    Breath Instruction 16 min
  • Zen Sit

    Instruction Inspiration 4 min


  • Pain as a Visitor

    Visualization 14 min